29 Card Game, Also Known As MARRIAGE

This is the 29 card game which is also known as Marriage. It's core program is written in C++ and the graphics is developed with Dark GDK.


On Windows:

The file provided is a single .msi file (Microsoft installer). It can be installed by running it and simply going through the installation process

On Linux:

It can be installed and played on Linux system with the help of wine.


You can find the general rules of playing this game in this wiki page.

Some specific rules:

  1. Marriage point starts at a call of 17. For call 17 Marriage point is 1, for 18: 2, for 19: 3 and for 20 and above: 4
  2. Marriage point for opponent is always 4
  3. If the player getting first card in a deal doesn't get any point in hand, that deal will be dismissed
  4. If a player doesn't get any point at hand while he/she chose 7 card as trump, that deal will be dismissed
  5. If a player gets all of the 4 Jacks alone, that deal will be dismissed
  6. If the two opponents altogether doesn't get any trump card or only the 7 numbered card of trump card, that deal will be dismissed
  7. If someone wants to play single (without letting his/her partner join in), he/she will win or lose 3 sets at once
  8. If a team gets/loses all the cards in a specific deal, they will get two sets of win/loss