Mediatek 7630E driver for Linux

This is an easy installation package of the Mediatek official driver which is modified by various contributors throughout Github and released under GPL.


  1. rt2x00: Wi-Fi driver source code
  2. btloader: Bluetooth firmware loader source code
  3. firmware: Firmware binary code (MT7650E234.bin is for Wi-Fi, mt76x0.bin is for Bluetooth)


First give some file execution permission:

chmod +x install test uninstall

Now to install it, run:


To test it without installing, run:


To uninstall, run:


To install it with dkms, run:

sudo make dkms

The driver will automatically load at startup....


  1. Neurobin
  2. kuba-moo
  3. benjarobin
  4. anthonywong
  5. sergeyksv
  6. tobiasBora

And many more unsung heroes...


If you are a developer, you can consider contributing to this project by forking this repository and making changes for better and do a pull request, or sharing ideas and suggestions or finding bugs, anything at all, what you think will be beneficial for this project.

If you aren't a developer, but still want to contribute, then you can support the contributing developers spiritually, by starring the repository and sharing ideas. If you want to be notified of the continuous development, you can add this in your watch list in Github.

If you see any problems or bugs please open an issue here

You can follow this bug report for more information