There's nothing more intriguing or more interesting than exploring the Unknown.The Unknown?, yes, there's so much more to know, that whatever direction you may look, you can only see the ignorance of your poor self. And somewhere there, is a whole universe, yeah, a whole universe, different than the one we live in and know about, waiting patiently, for eternity, for humans to step in and explore. But the thing is, only humans with certain amount of intelligence and certain types of instruments, can enter into that universe and play around with it's resources. And to top it off, this universe has an unlimited supply of resources which is supposed to never end, and that is somewhat unbelievable.

Really? is there something that is actually infinite? To answer that question, I should say yes. The universe I am talking about, I call it The Binary Universe. Yap, it's made of binary digits. Now questions may arise, can just two digits make a whole universe? you could say a world, but even that would be exaggerating.

Nope, you are wrong, It's really a whole universe, an infinite one, one with galaxies containing numerous planets in it. It's so gigantic that people have never been able to find any or even dreamt of how might it be in the galaxies other than the native one. Yes, there's a native galaxy out there, just like our long known The Milky Way.

The terminologies and names of the members/particles of this universe are quite different than the one we live in. The basic particle is known as digits, basically 1 and 0. A massive amount of this digits once formed into the sky of this new universe and it went into a gaseous state and started reacting with each other and began self compression. This self compression was so powerful that the whole mass of digits came into a single unit which I call a singularity digit. The definition of this primitive digit is unknown, because it defies every definition we have about digits and stuff. But the next thing you know, it exploded, a historical explosion, at the beginning of the Binary Universe when time itself started for this new creation.

So what happened after the explosion? Let's see, oh yeah, it made galaxies, and then planets hanging onto those galaxies. And those planets, soon they started showing life signs on them. Life signs? you mean people?, no, certainly not. Those are what we call Softwares now a days. "You must be joking right?" No, again, I am not. They are living things: they can be created, killed, injured, diseased, get old, even born. And top of that they can grow, expand, talk, walk, run, sit and even they can eat or get eaten. They can be stupid, clever, cunning, intelligent and they can be fooled or be deceived. They have quarrels with each other sometimes and engage on wars if needed. They can work and get tired if it's too much. After all this, can you say that they aren't life? Of course they aren't as lively as we humans are, but still they are the basic life force of the Binary Universe.

Now, these inhabitants live in groups or solo, in a continent, in a country. Continent? Country? Yap, for example, C, C++, Java are each a different country. And a continent is what we know as a Operating System. A Continent or Operating System is made of or contains a bunch of countries. In Binary Universe lexicon, we call the countries as programming languages, and the continents as Operating Systems or Systems as shorthand. And The Binary Universe, let's call it "The Binary Macrocosm (BM)", it sounds kinda cool.

So, in BM lexicon, houses, buildings or such things are known as disks or drives, rooms are known as sectors, company is unchanged i.e company is company. The inhabitants i.e softwares work on different joint or solo companies or organizations to earn there livings. You might be wondering what might there livings be? certainly, it's not money, it's fame or honor. Yeah, they can live as long as they are famous or at least hold good in front of others. They can eat but that's not necessary for there existence, what's necessary is the "fame" they earn.

That's good to know, but how do we explore it? Every single inhabitant is made of binary digits!. As I said earlier, all you need to have is a certain amount of knowledge and a certain types of instrument. The requirement of knowledge is fulfilled if you have at least a little knowledge of programming i.e a little knowledge about at least one of the countries in our native planet in BM. In BM lexicon, country is language. So you need to know one of the languages and then you can start. The instruments are known as Computers.

What can You do if you know a language?
That will be the starting point of your sacred journey to the exploration of The Great BM. You can start by creating some new inhabitants of your own and to serve you or work under you and help you finding resources and fun in this new world. And as the word company of human world and in BM is identical, they are mutable, i.e you can earn money and get rich in real life by making your creation (inhabitants) to work in different companies in BM. But let's not look it like that. There's pure bliss in creating something new, you need to feel that, otherwise there's no point in exploring.

So, What's your opinion? Are you ready for the ride?
Best of luck and hearty blessings to all...